The Dream Team – The Finale

As conclusion to the epic trilogy of The Dream team there will be a sum-up of the technical skills of each member.

To not put this in too many words, I have provided a radar graph with each field of expertise!

As visible on the graph, we have a fair share of skill masteries amongst us. With me being the most experienced with C#, I am the one who knows the most about backend api’s used in Azure, and backend app development. My Xaml is far from perfect but I know my way around with it. The graph exposes my biggest weakness, however. Being only partially part of the revamped NMCT, I never had any experience with Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Especially Python is my greatest enemy (alongside php). Thus, the other members compensate for one’s weaknesses! Our latest member Yentl, even compensates for the database part!

All in all, it is quite clear that our team is one that compensates nicely, performing well in most topics!

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