The Dream Team – Part 2

But how does The Dream Team perform during meetings? Let’s find out!

We were given a bunch of questions, to sketch the general situation on the working floor. Instead of listing these like any person I’ll sum up the results here. I turned out to be the one who keeps things running smoothly by making the occasional jokes but also by acting as Scrum Master for this project. This means I’m the one motivating other team members to use their planning tools as often and as efficient as possible!

Kenneth is a master of discipline. He is the one who never complains about any work done and always finishes anything he promises to finish. This might sound like he’s more machine than human, but that’s far from the truth! Having roughly my kind of humor he is great to have team meetings with.

Annelynn is the caring motherly type of the group. Making sure everyone is fine with a decision when one has to be made. Furthermore, she is amazing at compensating for other’s weaknesses by taking these tasks on her too. Helping the team members to improve where they need to.

Yentl is the allrounder. Knowing a bit of everything, he can take any role upon himself and execute it without hesitation! Furthermore he keeps the team sane with his valid points and good mood!

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