The Big Occupational Therapy Collab!

And when I say Big, I am referring to the fact that there were about 30 Ergotherapy student’s in one classroom! Add in the fact that there was 1 NMCT student for each ET student and boom! One filled classroom. The point was to explain and assist a supposed customer without using complicated IT terms. Of course all of this had to go fast too, because nobody likes a slow, boring lecture. Especially students.

Of course, the entire point was dumbed down a tad to not be too overwhelming for ET. About 5 exercises in Microsoft Excel were prepared, with an added 3 for experts. These had to be made by the ET students, our job was to simply to supervise them and coach them a bit if they got stuck.

I had 2 major problems. First, I was assigned to 2 students rather than one due to a lack of present NMCT students. Which meant double the work. Second, one of them had tech issues so I had to improvise with the coaching.

After a good hour, I managed to coach them through all normal exercises and 2 of the ‘experts’. Both the ET students were happy with my approach so I think I did pretty okay overall.

Personally, I found this part to be rather boring. Not that I dislike meeting new people, quite the opposite. But using non-specific terms to explain stuff is something I’ve been able to do for a long time now, so it felt kind of repetitive.

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