Enchanted Object : The Pitch

After hearing out multiple ideas for an Enchanted Object given by fellow students from IPD (Industrial Product Design), we decided to go with ‘Flowergotchi’. A smart flower pot that combines the Tamagotchi game with the growing of a plant, to offer a learning curve for children. On top of that it aims to make caring for a potted flower more entertaining.

The idea sounded appealing, thus a meeting between NMCT and IPD was set up. Our fellow student Stijn Van Der Heijden explained his idea in greater detail. An few hours later, a concrete plan is finished. The plan is pitched to other IPD students and contact info is shared.

Now, the project is being made into an actual product as we speak by Stijn. when this process is finished, me and my team will attempt to combine forces and turn it into a real Enchanted Object.

Personally, The collaboration between a different course was quite interesting. Especially how I noticed that me and my teammates were analyzing posibilities from the first second, where the IPD student are more of the ‘ideal dreamer’ types who don’t know what ‘unrealistic’ means. I am far from saying that this is a bad thing, quite the opposite considering their workfield.

All in all, there are far worse ways to spend a morning.

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