Glad to see you want to know more about me!

The fact that you clicked on this page means that you want to know about who I am! Instead of writing a nice wall of text to tell you, I’ve split up my very being into some different categories. For starters, the table on the right gives you some basic information and some things I like. But if you want to know more about my personality, there’s a sum-up of my MBTI type, taste in music, hobbies and much more just below!

About Me
Name: Kenzo Warrens
Favorite color: Blue, pink, black
Favorite food: Sushi, Chili
Favorite drink: Milk, Almdudler, Dr. Pepper
Hobbies: Beatboxing, guitar, reading, gaming

My MBTI Result

From the famous Myers Briggs Types Indicator personality test, I turned out to be an ENTP-A.

My hobbies

If I had to give a description of all my hobbies, it would make this page more the size of a short story than a web page! So instead I've divided them up in categories so you can read more about the ones you care for!

My Music

My greatest passion besides IT, is music. I'm listening to it whenever I get the chance! Not only to relax but also to encourage myself and to a certain degree to keep myself sane. Because of this I listen to almost every genre! If you wanna know even more, keep reading...

As someone who cannot handle silence very well at all, music (or even background noises) keeps me sane. If you leave me in an extremely quiet environment like a church for more than 10 minutes, I start losing it. Part of this is because I have a permanent buzz in my left ear that loves to remind me of its presence at these moments. Luckily my headphones with some Daft Punk, Manian or Italobrothers usually prevent this from happening.

Unlike some people on this earth, I can sometimes get really demotivated to do something. Whenever I do, music is the fastest way for me to recharge my batteries! For example: when I'm tired and exhausted from work and really don't want to cycle 4 km, I listen to some Sabaton or Powerwolf and it's almost as if I teleported home instead of cycled!

The most common reason that people listen to music in general. And I am no exception! For whatever reason, music always manages to make me delve into a world where stress doesn't exist time after time! The genres I listen to most when actively trying to de-stress is classical, usually Chopin, Killigrew or Derek & Brandon Fiechter.

My Outlet

There is another reason why I list music as a hobby, because I play quite some of it too! I've been beatboxing since I was 10, am currently in my 7th year of playing guitar, and would like to buy a piano at one point, so I can play Billy Joel's Pianoman alongside my Harmonica. The main reason I beatbox is so I can have music with me, anywhere, anytime, but the guitar is the biggest emotional outlet I have. I do like to sing from time to time but if you ask me, I'm no good at it.

My favorite music

Instead of typing an even greater text-wall, I've made a nice overview of some of my favorite artists here! If you want to give one a try, you simply have to press the image and it'll take you to some of my favorite songs from that artist!

My Books

Reading is another big hobby of mine. If you want to know more about what, where and when I read, you only have to scroll...

Why I read

As a kid, I used to only read when I had to for school. When I turned 12, we went on holiday to Italy, and my parents were walking through a bookstore to find a guide of the area we were going to visit. While roaming the store my eyes spotted something I’d never seen before. A book that actually looked cool! Not only that but Ranger’s Apprentice sounded like an appealing title. As I read the plot synopsis on the back I got drawn into the small bit of text at the back. My parents noticed and told me they’d buy me the book. After 4 days of the 3 week long holiday, I’d finished it and that moment my love for reading came to be.

Now I can’t think of a better way to immerse yourself into a setting of any kind, except for videogames maybe (because if they’re badly made the immersion is ruined). Not that I only read for this reason, some books like Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner’s Think Like a Freak can capture me with the unique views on the world some authors have, not to mention the amount of knowledge. It’s for this reason that I love reading.

My favourite books

Here you'll find some of my favorite books and why I love them so much! I read more books than just these, but the ones listed here are special to me.

The Lord Of The Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, the all time favourite.

As a kid, these were my favorite movies from the moment I saw them. And today, they still are! I did not actually read the books until I was 15, but the moment I finished the first one I felt like the movies missed so much.

After that I rushed them all and by present time I think I’ve finished them 5 times? The universe is so amazing that there’s always a continuous flow of new things you didn’t know. I have to add that Tolkien was a genius world-creator, but a horrible writer. The way he writes makes it a hassle to keep track of what’s happening, due to his background as university professor. But despite this, it’s still my all time favorite trilogy.

Ranger's Apprentice

John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice, the first out of many.

As mentioned before, there was one book that had me hooked so bad, it single handedly made me start reading as a hobby.

It might have been dumb luck that this turned out to be the first, as it was my first fantasy novel. But I like to think that it still stood out between the others, that’s the only reason young me would’ve selected it out of an entire store!

Despite being aimed at an audience of 12-16 years old, I still look forward to the next Ranger’s Apprentice or Brotherband (a book about the northern region Skandia, which is also in Ranger’s Apprentice). His writing style reads amazingly fluent and manages to still have attention to detail in action scenes.

It’s because of this that this book is special to me, since it was a first which still manages to amaze me today.

Wars Of The Emerged World

Licia Troisi’s Wars Of The Emerged World, the step forward.

This book was the second series I picked up after finishing Ranger’s Apprentice. Originally named Le Guerre Del Mondo Emerso, I picked up a copy of this series translated to Dutch. The difference between my first series, was that this was a trilogy, and each book had about the same amount of pages as 2 Ranger’s Apprentice books.

Being more dark than Ranger’s Apprentice, young me discovered a new form of fantasy that dragged me in and still reread every now and then. This trilogy has another trilogy within the same universe called Chronicles Of The Emerged world. Which deserves a mention for the same reasons as the original trilogy!

Alices' Adventures In Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, the outcast.

As a kid, I watched a ton of Disney Movies. My favorites back then were The Lady and the Tramp and Alice in Wonderland. Since I didn’t like reading as a kid, I never actually read any of the original novels (which is probably best since the original Cinderella is borderline pornography).

As I grew up, the curiosity grew bigger and I ended up looking for any of the original fairy tales in English. I found an illustrated version of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and read through it in no time. Stunned by how much more grim the original story is, I decided that this would be my all time favourite fairy tale. And that is exactly the reason it’s listen on this page!

Horus Rising

Dan Abnett’s Horus Rising, the first Black Library.

Another hobby of mine is playing tabletop wargames. The one I like the most is called Warhammer 40000, which has an entire universe designed for it. Of course, this also means it includes a ton of books.

All books in this universe are published by the Black Library. These contain a bunch of books from all sorts of timelines within the Warhammer universe. When I got into the hobby, I also picked up a series called the Horus Heresy. The first book of this series was Horus Rising, written by Dan Abnett.

This book was written in English, and was one of my first English books I’ve ever read. It added so much immersion to both the book and the tabletop wargame, that I read the entire thing. It’s special to me in it’s own right, since on top of being a great book, it also adds to another hobby of mine.

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales and Poems

Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales and Poems, the new twist.

For as long as I can remember, French and Dutch were my most hated topics in school. Thus part of the reason I didn’t like reading very much either. Whenever we had to read some literature for any of our language topics (so either Dutch, French or English) it were usually boring books with uninteresting topics.

That changed when we had to read The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe for Dutch. We were blessed enough to get the choice to read it in English as well, so of course I picked the English copy and started reading.

The story itself is not long, but the fact that I went out of my way to read it 3 times that same day must’ve told me something. Back then, I had no clue who the author was, so I asked my teacher about him. When she told me there were books with all of his short stories & poems collected, I went searching. After finally finding it in a friend’s bookcase, I managed to lend it from him and finished it within 2 days.

Not having a copy myself, I still have printed pages with some of my favourite stories on it. But the fact that I am still looking for a copy to buy for my own says more than any of Poe’s stories could tell about why it’s among my favourite books.