“We swears to serve the master of the ticket. We will swear on the…on the precious.”

The Mission

Ticketslave is my very first application written exclusively for iOS. The assignment was to create an app for iOS using any of the Apple API’s combined with a web API. For my entry, I chose to go with the Apple Mapkit and the Ticketmaster API. Thus my project Ticketslave was born. Ticketslave is a tool to search for events based on a query and show some information on the event and the venue it takes place at!

The Solution

Ticketslave is written in Xamarin iOS, using the MVVM design pattern. The goal of the app is very basic. You can look up an artist name or general query and the app gives you the most relevant results! Once you’ve picked an event you can check out the details of the event, the seatmap, more information about the Venue and check the venue’s location on a map!

To get a better feel for the purpose of the app, here’s all the screens it consists of!

The map to show the venue location is contained within the app itself, so it doesn’t ask you to open the native maps app!










Technologies Used: iOS Mapkit, Ticketmaster API, Xamarin.iOS

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