Ordina Crowd Analytics

“Ordina is watching you…”

The Mission

This project was made for a Ordina, the biggest IT Consultancy company in the Benelux. In collaboration with NMCT, The Dream Team was reunited once again for another project to work on!

The situation Ordina wanted a solution for, was the following;

In a big company there are lots of events happening, both internal and external. Teambuilding, guest lectures, external teaching, etc.
On top of this, Ordina frequently has stalls on events like Techorama. The problem that occurs is that they never know at the end whether it was a success or not. So to get some insight on the flow and general success of an event, or even a specific location on said event, they asked us to use Azure Cognitive Services to get a view on the general happiness across the event.


The Solution

Our solution to the presented problem was Ordina Crowd Analytics! Combining the Azure Face API with an ASP.NET website, we made an easily accessible platform to manage and collect data from an event and process said data to show the event’s statistics in a combination of graphs. To collect this data we used off-the-shelf components such as a Raspberry Pi and any webcam you can get your hands on. During the event these cameras take pictures at an adjustable interval, after which the Raspberry Pis they are connected to send them to an IoT-hub on Azure. To give each Raspberry Pi a unique ID and send the images we use a UWP app, so that laptops with built-in webcams can be used as well. Once there, they get temporarily saved to a blob-storage so the Azure Face API can process them and get the needed data from the images.

The processed data is then stored in a CosmosDb, where these can be used to show the graphs when needed. These graphs are all partial views, which use a custom JavaScript Serializer and the Chart.js library to each show a graph on the dashboards.

To recognize users, we use another UWP application to allow visitors to register. This way, only the registered users are recognized to ensure that everything is in order with the GDPR. Registering takes almost no time and only requires a few images and basic information.

There are 2 different dashboards present within this web application. One for the visitor, and one for the admin of the event. As admin you have access to role and user management to remove or assign roles to the registered users, as well as a wide range of statistics for each event and even all locations within a single event. Things like amount of visitors, age distribution, sex, and overall emotions found in the blink of an eye due to the graphs. The option to edit, add and delete event, location and even the assigned camera’s are all present as well.

As a registered user you can access the same features. Once logged in you’ll find an overview of all events you visited, and the statistics for each one, including the different locations visited. The management features are exclusively accessible to admins.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET, Azure Functions, Blob Storage, C#, Cognitive Services, CosmosDb, CSS, HTML, IoT Hub, JavaScript, MSSQL, Raspberry Pi, UWP


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