“I am Groot.”

The Mission

For this project, some fellow students and I collaborated with another course called Industrial Product Design. The goal was to provide an cross-platform application to go with Smart Objects, which were provided by the IPD students. In my case this was Flowergotchi, a flowerpot based on the toy Tamagotchi, which created a mood for the plant inside of it. This way it encouraged the owner to water the plant, turn it’s position if it gets too much sunlight and many other things.

My team and I were given the assignment to create the application for this object. Basing ourselves on a Tamagotchi game, we joined forces with Stijn Van Der Heijden to come up with some wireframes and the production began.


The Solution

The result is the Flowergotchi App! Working for UWP, iOS and Android thanks to Xamarin.forms. Using object-oriented C# in combination we managed to create an app for 3 platforms while only having to write all the shared code once. On top of this we used Encryption packages to ensure user data is encrypted, QR codes to link the pots to your account. And some more features. To see a complete overview of the app, feel free to check the demo-clip below! If you want to know more about the production process, you can find all post related to this project here.

Technologies Used: Arduino, Azure Functions, C#, MSSQL, Python, Xamarin.Forms

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