“All kids who wander, are lost.”

The Mission

For this project, some classmates and I collaborated with a group of students from Industrial Product Design once again! And funny enough, it was for an app to go with a product of theirs yet again.

The concept, called FindMe, is an app that is meant to give parents an easy portal to retrieve their kids if they get lost. While simultaneously giving the lost children an easy way to resolve the issue, so they don’t panic. This is done with animal faces, that have a strap so they can be attached to any pole, and little bracelets for the children. The animal faces have built-in NFC readers for the NFC tags that are incorporated in the bracelets.

To grasp how this looks, I’ve put an image here. They are made to be easily distinguishable for children, and easy to detach too!

Now let’s have a look at the application that we wrote to go with this well-executed student’s project of our friends from IPD!


The Solution

For this app, the concept was to create an easy to use cross-platform application, that the parents could use to check on their children. On top of that they had to be able to give their children up as missing, have a list of currently missing children on the same event so people can help the child to the nearest NFC scanner if they spot another parent’s kid, and a bunch of other things!

It includes a map page, so the parent knows where to go after the child scanned its NFC tag at any pole. On top of this there’s the option to edit your child’s info, the user’s info, and basically any info. Another cool feature is the ability to get an text message sent to your phone when your child scans its tag, and the ability to assign additional supervisors, who also get these messages!

In the app itself, there’s of course a homepage which contains an overview of your children, with a red border in case you gave them up as missing, or if they have been found. There is also the option to add your children via a simply QR-code that is delivered with each bracelet of course! Here you’ll find a picture of some of the screens in the application to get a better view on how it works!

To manage the pole locations, the name that pops-up in the notifications and text messages, their respective colours to show on the border and many more, I wrote a very simply UWP application that manages these things. The interface is very simply since the IPD students wanted it to be simple and easy to use.


Technologies Used: Arduino, Azure Functions, C#, MQTT, MSSQL, Python, Xamarin.Forms




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