Are you a nice guy?

That is a question with roughly 7.6 billion different answers, because every person on earth will think differently of me! Here’s why!

One of the most known personality tests available today has to be the MBTI test. Based on Myers Briggs Types Indicator it gives you a 4 letter mark that accurately describes how you personality works. To clarify who I am, I took the test too. Scary as it may be for me, the description really is accurate.

As you can see above, I turned out to be a ‘Debater’ or ENTP-A. What this means can be found here, but I’ll clarify the basics for those who are interested in it.

According to the MBTI model, the different letters in ENTP-A stand for the following:

  • E for Extraversion: Refers how outwardly one is. In this case it’s about talkative, outgoing people. Extraverts like a fast-paced environment, being the center of attention and tend to work out ideas by thinking out loud among others.
  • N for Intuition: Refers to how one takes in information. In this case they imagine how things could be, while keeping in mind the big picture. They also enjoy describing their ideas, which they enjoy for their own sake, in figurative and poetic ways.
  • T for Thinking: Refers to how you make decisions. In this case, you focus on logical reasoning rather than personal values. You also enjoy finding flaws in an argument, can be described as reasonable and value justice and fairness.
  • P for Percieving: Refers to how you prefer to live your outer life. Percieving people prefer to leave their options open, and enjoy new situations. They see rules and deadlines as flexible and like to improvise when coming up with a solution.
  • A for Assertive: These individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and are rarily found reflecting on their actions from the past.

Now that you have some insight in these values, it’s time to see how much I score on these guidelines! More information about the MBTI can be found on this flowchart. Combine this with the previous guidelines and boom! you have gained some insight in who I am!