The NMCT open-campus days

Last Saturday, 10th of March, Howest had their annual open-campus days. During these, potential students could come over and check out the different courses and what they’re about. For me, it turned out great! The bachelor I’m studying, nmct, had a giant television showing the promo-movie. This was meant to draw new students to the course, and display some of the better projects made during last Project 2 period.

The Dream Team‘s project, Flowergotchi, was in the promo-movie! I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the camera and explain the details behind our little project! The video can be found right here.

2 NMCT Projectweken januari 2018

De 2de jaars NMCT projecten van januari 2018!Opdrachtgevers dit jaar: Howest Sport en bewegen en Howest Industrieel ProductOntwerpen! Vind al onze filmpjes ook ons Youtube kanaal:

Geplaatst door Howest NMCT op donderdag 15 maart 2018

I sadly didn’t make it to the actual event, but even though I’m still super proud that they put our project in!

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