But Kenzo, why NMCT?


A pretty obvious question, which has good reasoning behind it!

NMCT stands for New Media Communications Technology. Now for a 18 years old me, that’s a pretty boring name which doesn’t exactly appeal to me. I was studying IT Management in middle school at that point, sure I was in my senior year, but even I sometimes don’t like those fancy abbreviations with vague explanations behind them.

At the time, courses like Devine sounded way cooler. Now the funny thing is that I did not know that this is also just another abbreviation for Digital Design and Development. The moment I did realize, it sounded just as boring as NMCT. So 18 years old me had a problem.. .

The solution came about a week before the end of the year. Me and the rest of IT Management went on a week-long hike through the mountains of Ardèche. During this trip my Programming teacher at the time, asked if I had any idea what I wanted to study. My response was that both Devine and NMCT seemed equally boring and interesting. I liked Web Backend and Frontend way more at the time, so I had to admit that Devine had the preference. A teacher, or at least mine , knew his students and simply suggested I did the other option. Stuck in eternal doubt, I flipped a coin which landed on heads. This meant I’d listen ot my teacher and sign up for NMCT. And since I started I haven’t regretted my decision for a second!

What is NMCT?

As stated on their website, NMCT prepares students by giving them a solid general skillset in IT. After one year, a student gets to pick one of three specialization paths as listed below:

  • Web & App Developer : Focus lies on cross-platform applications, both backend and frontend. You also gain a wealth of knowledge on UX design and user experience.
  •  Smart Technology Creator : Focus lies on connecting IoT-devices and services. You also gain a wealth of knowledge on Datacommunication and Cloud services.
  • Infrastructure Engineer : Focus lies on installing, configuring, maintaining computer networks. You also gain a wealth of knowledge on network infrastructure and system architecture.

By teaching these principles with a good focus on experience, you gain a good know-how to deploy during your internship and working environment. Does this sound good? Then you can check out the NMCT website.