What do I like?

If I answered this one fully, this will most likely be the largest page on my entire portfolio!
Believe me or not, but I have so many interests in so many different fields that listing and enlightening all of them would take me half a book! But, for the sake of this website I’ll try to do it nonetheless!

The Nerd

Most of my hobbies can be put under the ‘nerd’ category. Of course this means that I spend a lot of time on the computer, besides work. Playing videogames, watching series/anime, or working on private projects to maintain my programming are just the first ones that pop into mind. This doesn’t mean that all my hobbies are on the computer however. I am a massive offline gaming fan too. Trading card games, Tabletop Wargaming and Pen&Paper RPG’s are things I love doing too! That I like these things is not immediately noticeable, but the replica of ‘The One Ring’ from LOTR is something that’s hard to miss since I wear it proudly day and night!

The Musician

The other big part of my life is, as the subtitle suggests, music! Not only listening to it, but I make quite a bit myself too! If I had a saying in it, the only times I’d take off my headphones would be to play music myself. Not that I’m asocial, far from it, but I cannot handle silence very well. Thus having music within reach at all time is a perfect solution for this! When it comes to making music, I’m about to go into my 6th year of playing electric guitar. Besides guitar I can play a bit of piano by ear, a bit of violin and most of the instruments I can get my hands on for a limited time. Learning new instruments is fun but costly, so I tend to stick to the ones I already have (this is not entirely true, I went as far as to learn how to play accordion so I could play piano on the keypad for it).  The instrument I play best would be my mouth! I’ve been beatboxing for as long as I can remember. Not that I am good at it, but it’s a cool way of having music around even when there is none!

What music I listen to? Basically everything, though I prefer metal, classical and synthwave just a bit more. Some of my favorite artists are: Avenged Sevenfold, Yiruma, Derek & Brandon Fiechter, The Protomen, LeBrock, Daft Punk, Studio Killers and many, many more.

The Entertainer

As a result of my love for music, I used to do musical and theater in my free time when I was younger. This hasn’t change one bit up until now though. When given the chance to be in a play, jam a bit with a fellow musician or buy a ticket to a good musical or play I will certainly grab it! This is all due to the extravert inside of me. Though I haven’t performed in quite some time, when given the chance to join a band or anything I’d certainly give it a shot! The biggest advantage is that I’ve come to like doing presentations which is a plus in my field of work!

The Introvert

Though I am an extravert for sure, there are moments when all I want is to be left alone and enjoy a good book, with some good music in the background (to enhance the experience of course). 90% Of the time these books are Fantasy, though I enjoy Sci-fi just as much. Reading is about the only time when I’d rather be left alone. When not touching a book, I’m back to as talkative as ever!