• Last Saturday, 10th of March, Howest had their annual open-campus days. During these, potential students could come over and check out the different courses and what they're about. For me, it turned out great! The bachelor I'm studying, nmct, had a giant television showing the promo-movie. This was meant to draw new students to the course, and display some of the better projects made during last Project 2 period. The Dream Team's project, Flowergotchi, was in

  • Project 2 has come to an end, which means conclusions will have to be formulated, and feedback will have to be written. So without further ado, let's get to it! The Final Product The result of Flowergotchi : The smart flowerpot is one I am personally quite proud of. It was really cool to see a project come to life (literally), and to work on a bigger scaled project in a team instead of by myself for

  • The last event of the prep-week for project 2 existed of a demo on how to apply the agile scrum method in Visual Studio Team Service. Given by Nick Trog, a Microsoft Employee, we were taught how to use VSTS to keep track of the progress on a project. Since we had a workshop about Scrum earlier, seeing it applied in a service I am already familiar with was a nice surprise. Having this skill at my

  • After hearing out multiple ideas for an Enchanted Object given by fellow students from IPD (Industrial Product Design), we decided to go with 'Flowergotchi'. A smart flower pot that combines the Tamagotchi game with the growing of a plant, to offer a learning curve for children. On top of that it aims to make caring for a potted flower more entertaining. The idea sounded appealing, thus a meeting between NMCT and IPD was set up. Our

  • As conclusion to the epic trilogy of The Dream team there will be a sum-up of the technical skills of each member. To not put this in too many words, I have provided a radar graph with each field of expertise! As visible on the graph, we have a fair share of skill masteries amongst us. With me being the most experienced with C#, I am the one who knows the most about backend api's used in

  • But how does The Dream Team perform during meetings? Let's find out! We were given a bunch of questions, to sketch the general situation on the working floor. Instead of listing these like any person I'll sum up the results here. I turned out to be the one who keeps things running smoothly by making the occasional jokes but also by acting as Scrum Master for this project. This means I'm the one motivating other team

  • Before we even start to sum up each other's quality's, here's a list of The Dream Team's members: Annelynn Pyck, a.k.a. 'The Plan' Kenneth De Potter, a.k.a. 'The Brain' Kenzo Warrens, a.k.a. 'The Voice' Yentl Van Damme, a.k.a. 'The Support' By throwing these highly unique individuals together, The Dream Team was formed to take on any Enchanted Object project thrown at ém! The reasoning for this combination of people being the ultimate development team, can be seen

  • And when I say Big, I am referring to the fact that there were about 30 Ergotherapy student's in one classroom! Add in the fact that there was 1 NMCT student for each ET student and boom! One filled classroom. The point was to explain and assist a supposed customer without using complicated IT terms. Of course all of this had to go fast too, because nobody likes a slow, boring lecture. Especially students. Of course,